The initial impetus for Mr. Horcicka to become a bowmaker was a visit to his uncle, Milan Oubrecht, whose workshop in Luby and whose mastery in bowmaking ranks among the best in the world. Radek Horcicka became an apprentice to his uncle, who gradually passed onto him the secrets of this demanding and interesting profession. Radek Horcicka makes octagonal as well as round bows and fiddlesticks, based on his own master design, for violin, viola and violoncello. His products are custom made with various kinds of materials being used (ebony, horn, tortoise, ivory etc.) with the silver or silver-nickel set. Musicians in the Czech Republic and other European countries enjoy the quality bows by Radek Horcicka, and at the same time appreciate their reasonable price.

In 2014, he was proclaimed the Tradesman of the Year for the Carlsbad region / the Karlovy Vary region. On this occasion, the Czech Television Network produced a short commentary about his work. VIDEO

Among his customers are : Daniel Veis ( concert artist and professor at the Park University in USA )
Simon Veis ( solocellist master in Madrid Symphony Orchestra )
Lucie Sedlakova Hulova ( Kinsky Trio Prague )
Jaroslav Havel ( Trondheim Symphony Orchestra )
Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra
Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra in Ostrava
Prague State Opera Orchestra
Professor Ivan Štraus from JAMU Prague
Professor Luděk Cap from Kubin quartet
and several professors and their students from conservatories (musical schools)
in Prague, Brno and Ostrava